About Travelling Trader

Hello and welcome to Travelling Trader. My name is Becca and this is my travelling shop. I have wanted to start this shop for over a year now. I have a passion for finding beautiful unique cloth, clothing and jewellery from different  parts of the world and I would like to share my passion and finds with all of you.

Who are the crafters?

The crafters are usually women and men from ethnic tribes. All their cloth, clothing and jewellery are handmade. This shop is a space where they can sell their craft for a fair price. Every week I will share a story about one of the craftswomen or men so you can find out more about the makers of each product. Every piece of clothing, cloth or jewellery you purchase is completely unique and comes with a story.

Why buy from travelling trader?

Many of the woman and men making these beautiful products are ripped off for their craft. I would like to change that as I believe they are all incredible craftswoman and artists. Travelling trader is a platform for them to sell their Art and Craft at a fair price. If you love supporting ethical trade as well as buying unique product this is the shop for you 

Places we plan to go

We are in Sapa at the moment and I have already found some beautiful jackets, jewellery and cloth. We are then heading off to Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai where I will be sourcing beautiful Indigo Dyed cloth and clothing. We have not decided where we will be heading after Chiang Mai but Myanmar and Laos are in the mix and we will let you know soon enough.

How it works

This is a travelling shop. I will be travelling to different countries and places sourcing beautiful product. When I am in a particular place I will be putting my finds on the shop and selling them for the amount of time I am there. This means that you can only buy these unique products while I am in the area that they come from. I will usually be in an area for a minimum of 3 weeks and a maximum of 2 months before I move on to the next place. You will have to order a product in the time I will be in the area.Once you order your unique find I will personally send it to you. It will take around 2-4 weeks to arrive at your door!

Thank you for the love and support

Travelling trader