Pilato Bulala

Gift had told us of Pilato and tried to explain his work to us before we got to his house. ‘Yea man he makes cars and helicopters; you know”.

After hearing this I was not too sure what to expect as we drove to Pilato’s house and gallery. As we came upon his house we saw a little Volkswagen car made out of scrap metal.


Patrick was instantly interested and they discussed the car. Pilato explained that he had made the car using scrap metal he found in and around the area. He also told us that he wanted the car to drive and was sure he could make it drive. “All I need is a chainsaw engine to make it work”.


Surrounding his house is other artwork he has made from scrap metal. Some of them include fish and people.


He also makes the most beautiful jewellery using old tin cans.



Pilato is only 22 years old and when I asked him what made him start doing his art he told me: “I had a dream one night that I should make a car”, and this is exactly what he did. His first piece he ever did was a car which stands next to his house. He has also made a helicopter all out of scrap metal which he managed to sell J


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