Beaded fish bag

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This beautiful bag was made in Venda, Limpopo Province

Details and description 

This bag is one of a kind, there are no bags like it. It is a vintage handmade piece.

Details: Hand stitched and beaded.

There is a zip, so the bag is secure and can open and close easily.

Made by:

This bag was made in the Venda by Maureen. Read more about her here

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This beaded fish bag is made in Venda. Tsonga women have been doing bead work and embroidery for many generations. Usually a mother will teach their daughters these skills from a young age. Tsonga women have always made beautiful cloth, clothing and jewellery and wear this traditionally. The typical attire of Tsonga women’s festive garments  are the Nćeka which is the overlay dook or cloth and the Xibilani, the layered skirt for dancing, which reflect the vibrancy and creative use of colour combinations so typical of the Tsonga way of life. They also reflect all sorts of traditional and personal characteristics of individual Tsonga women.


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