H’mong necklace



This necklace was made in the little village of Lao chai

Details and dimensions:

 Details: Aluminium

Made by:

This necklace was made by Gia from the Loa Chia Village.

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Traditionally Hmong jewellery was all made in silver. The Hmong peoples love of silver and silver work is widely known and admired. The increase of tourism has lead to many Hmong silversmiths to make their jewellery in aluminium and other metals. Men are usually responsible for making all of the jewellery in Hmong culture. All Hmong men, women and children wear silver neck rings, at least on special occasions. When a child is named in Hmong culture they are given a silver neck ring to assert that the baby belongs to the human world. To the Hmong, silver symbolises not just wealth but an essence of a good life.


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