Hoop bangles


These bangles are sold in bundles of three. We have two different colour schemes, one bunch is blue, green and black and the other bunch is gold, beige and silver. Please indicate what colours you would like when you order.

This necklace was made in Nkowankowa in Limpopo Province

Details and dimensions

Material: Plastic tubes wrapped in cotton

Made by:

Nyeleti from Nkowankowa. You can read more about Nyeleti here.

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Nyeleti comes from Nkowankowa. Her necklaces, much like their maker, are a combination of the traditional and contemporary and, as a result, give to their wearer an elegant yet adventurous air. Brightly coloured and made to perfection, these African-inspired pieces defy definition and can be suited with multiple different colours to achieve the desired effect. Her miscellaneous range of earrings, made from beads sourced from all over Africa, each tell a story, as do her own designs which have a distinctive, modern look.


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