Tda H’mong pink skirt



This skirt was made in the little village of Lao chai

Details and Dimensions:

Each Hmong skirt is unique therefore we will sell each skirt individually. When one skirt sells another will be put up.

Size: Medium, 32 to 34 (its an elastic band so could fit any of these sizes)

Material: Hand painted with wax and Indigo dyed, some cotton embroidery. These skirts can take up to 3 months to make.

Made by:

This skirt was made by Moo from the Lao Chai village

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The ancient black Hmong tribe has alway used textiles and jewellery as a means to communicate the beauty and elegance of the natural world around them. Each garment is handmade with its own unique embroidery. These garments are used as a means to communicate a specific stage in the owners life.

The Hmong people traditionally make their clothes annually and will finish all their garments in time for their new lunar year in February.


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